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The first set of cards featured 11 baristas from around Portland Oregon. Approximately 20 cards were made for each of the featured baristas and given to them to distribute to whomever they wanted. At the moment, this is the ONLY way to get one of those cards.

I'm working on getting permission from the baristas to make more and offer them for sale here. So far, so good, and it's more a matter of putting in the work to make more cards than any resistance from the baristas!

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The next set of cards will feature 20 more baristas from around PDX. I expect to produce 40 cards of each barista, but we'll see how that goes. I've finished cards for 10 baristas and they're available on the "Buy" option above.

You can also stay up to date on this project by following @FourthWaveBarista on Instagram. Enjoy!